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  The U.S. weighs blocking GE engine sales for China's new airplane. What do you think is going on and what will happen?



  Jack Wilson

  It's always interesting to see the answers to questions from people that have no working relationship or experience in the fields they are writing about and add a political shot about Trump which is not even a part of what is going on. That being said, GE is not the only one withholding technology in the marketplace. If you owned a company that produced a product that was very popular, would you sell or give that product to someone who could copy and build a version of the product and put you out of business. If you would, you wouldn't be in business very long. In manufacturing, sooner or later, all your competitors will have your technology and that is business these days and patents cost money to draw up and enforce. Sometimes you hope to have enough sales from the product to cover the initial investment of developing, design, testing, and other costs incurred in building the product before your competitors have a share of the market. That temporary “lion's share” of the market is hoped to last long enough to recover the original investment and make enough profit to move on to development of other projects. Good business is based on sound decisions and not political ones. While I was working at General Dynamics, we sold a stripped down version of the F-16 to Israel. Upon delivery of the new aircraft, they were gutted and rebuilt by Israeli technicians. The end result was an aircraft that was superior in many ways to our version we sold to the United States. We knew that this procedure was happening and withheld the “brain" section and most of cockpit. Nobody said a word about this in all the years it has gone on and never made it political in any form. I think people need to study more about business practices in order to discern between political and business decisions. This was a business decision.


  Jean-Yves Landry, IT Security Architect, IT Technology Architect (1980-present)

  USA is a funny country under Trump. Trump want China to purchase more from USA to help give some equilibrium to the commercial balance. But he put restriction on anything a little HIGH TECH.


  He and Boeing are very scare that the C919 will come to concurrence the antiquated BOEING 737. So, they will try to slow their progress by forbidding Honeywell and GE to sales their stuff to China.


  Boeing did not learn when the strategy to bug down the Canadian Bombardier C-Series backfire and the plane development was “Given” to Airbus for only a token amount. Now the plane is renamed A-220 and is likely to be much more competitive then ever before.


  So, this is a dumb as it get. If China decide not to purchase any plane from BOEING… the market is gone overnight.


  Meanwhile, I think the Chinese will just call Thales for the avionics and Roll-Royce for the engine (or Safran) and call it a day.


  If the USA were successful in preventing the sales from all Europeans and Americans countries (Both North and South America)… The Chinese will probably call the Russian or Indian to get some solutions… and get ready to develop their own.


  It is not like USA can prevent the Chinese from copying the technology if they so wish. They operate enough plane from Boeing and Airbus to get access to all the technology they want.


  So, this part of the America first (really meaning USA) is likely to weaken USA on short order. More and more, USA is loosing any kind of respect from others countries.


  Krishna Kumar Subramanian, Aircraft Engineer, Aircraft Systems Educator

  However much you are in awe of China, jet engine development is a tough proposition.

  Hundreds are tried and still , trying.

  Hundreds have failed.




  Without a mature Western jet powerplant, the C-919 is effectively out of consideration of anybody in the world outside China.

  Which means it is effectively DEAD.





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